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Life Family Law is a Family Law firm based in Los Angeles California.  We provide the best Family Law Attorney in Los Angeles.

Divorce – Divorces are difficult while being financially and emotionally draining. Divorce cases often include custody & visitation rights, child support, property division, and spousal support to name a few.  A person’s ability to cope with a divorce affects their case negatively if not handled by a professional. Our Attorney is able to handle the high conflict in a professional way. Included is a brief map of the process…. Don’t walk through this process alone!


Custody (& Visitation Rights) and Child Support – Families lose their children and wealth through the court process if unrepresented. The court is going to grant Legal and Physical Custody Rights based on the best interest of the child. This means something different to each family. Child support is going to be based on the time with the children and income of both parties. Life Family Law understands the process and is artfully skilled to to save money and protect your family.
Mike Leslie, Attorney & Owner

Mike Protects Your Rights! We handle all Family Law cases including Divorce, Custody & Visitation Rights, Child & Spousal Support and Domestic Violence Cases.

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