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At Life Family Law we have a proven Attorney to fight the case in court. Our professional and highly-experienced divorce attorney gets you the legal advice you want and serves the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Long Beach, Whittier and surrounding areas. We have solid knowledge, skills, care, and experience to help deliver exceptional results.

In divorce cases, the stakes are even higher if children are involved. This situation calls for our experienced child custody attorney who can help achieve optimal results that are in your and your children’s best interest.

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A family case with divorce or child custody is different than other cases. Life Family Law personalizes the strategy to solve all family cases. Our knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer in Los Angeles has the experience to help with the most difficult family disputes.

Our divorce attorney in Los Angeles carefully studies your case and gives advice best suited to your situation to settle the dispute. We fight aggressively for your broader interests to achieve desirable results for you and your family. Life Family Law helps secure favorable decisions for child custody, spousal support, child support, and settlements for family property.

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Hanjo KellHanjo Kell
20:56 10 Jan 22
Life Family Law Group represented me in a high conflict divorce that went to trial, followed by appeals.The Firm is highly knowledgeable, professional, and very client service-oriented. They delivered excellent outcomes (both during trial and defending the appeals) in a very difficult and complex case. I would highly recommend Lux Family Law Group to anyone needing family law representation in the Los Angeles area.
Venessa JuarezVenessa Juarez
16:14 04 Oct 21
Michael was very responsive and made me feel better about the entire process. He handled everything from A-Z and communicated with me through the entire process. He’s very professional and polite as well! He made me feel secure and better about the entire thing. I would highly recommend him.
Angel HernandezAngel Hernandez
08:20 26 Sep 21
I’m very grateful for the great service they provided for me, they gave me lots of support and had great orientation skills; Lux Life is an excellent Attorney, he helped me locate the mother of my daughter after she left california due to custody issues, they were fast and easy to work with.Once more I thank them for everything they did, I highly recommend them.
Wylie MenefeeWylie Menefee
01:26 26 Jul 21
I want to thank the Life Family Law for helping me thru a stressful but successful situation..I was able to gain custody of my 14yr old son. Lux did a tremendous job informing me of all the possibilities that could happen in cases like these. In the end we were successful and again thank you Life Family Law Group.
I have been filing for divorce in the state of Florida the past four years and have been unsuccessful. I decided to hire Life Family Law Group and within 48 hours, Mr. Life was able to locate my estranged husband and have him served with the correct paperwork. Mr. Life was very personable, knowledgable, and compassionate. What took me over fours years to accomplish, Mr. Life was able to do in less than a week! Thank you, Mr. Life!!