Custody & Visitation Rights

Los Angeles Family Law, Divorce & Child Custody Attorney

Life Family Law, a Family Law Firm, was founded to help Los Angeles families with court proceedings for divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and property. Life Family Law’s Attorney has fought for families through the court system for years. Their experiences make them knowledgeable of the legal struggles families go through and they relate to couples going through a divorce, break up or child separation.

Lawyers often misrepresent clients. Families lose their children through divorce, child custody and visitation proceedings. Parents lose wealth and property through child support, spousal support and property hearings if unrepresented against another parent with a lawyer. Life Family Law  understands the effect misrepresentation has on families and battles through these struggles with clients.

 The Family Law courts in Los Angeles County are complex and difficult. Life Family Law gives families balance through the court battles. Life Family Law fights to get you and your family justice.