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Life Family Law Group is a Family Law Firm in Los Angeles California reuniting families with children. Child Support is the amount of money a court orders a parent, or both parents, to pay to help pay for the support of the child/children and their living expenses.

Child Support Attorneys work with the court and California Child Support laws to get an agreement or court order. The child support payments are based on the child support calculator. The child support calculator factors the parents wages, the time a child is with each parent, the number of children the parents have, the tax filing status of the parents, support from other relationships, health insurance expenses, daycare and other expenses related to the child.

Life Family Law Group provides the best Child Support Attorney in Los Angeles. A Child Support Lawyer’s experience and knowledge is going to provide you and your family the right child support payment.  You want the best Child Support Attorney near you. Parents representing themselves results in an unfair child support payment, causing you to overpay or under receive. Child Support Lawyers for fathers modify the child support payment to accurately reflect the financial care of the child. Child Support Attorneys get mothers the financial support to care for the children and their well being. 

The legal process is difficult and takes knowledge to be done right. Los Angeles Child Support Lawyers often misrepresent clients, causing families to lose their children and property. Life Family Law Group understands the effect misrepresentation puts on families. You want the best Child Support  Attorneys and Paralegals at Life Family Law Group to provide good legal representation.

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